suomi-englanti sanakirja

da englanniksi

  1. DA

  1. Symbol for the prefix deca-, indicating multiplication by 10

  2. Father.

  3. (quote-book)|title=Kieron Smith, Boy| publisher=Penguin 2009| page=55| passage=Oh where is yer da son? The man said it to me and was grumpy. Is yer da here?

  4. Yes; an affirmative response.

  5. Yes.

  6. (pronunciation spelling of)

  7. (ux)

  8. (quote-book)

  9. (non-gloss definition)

  10. ''You know that tune that goes "da da da di-dum di-dum"?''

  11. to swim, drift, float

  12. mouth, orifice

  13. door, doorway

  14. plant that is source of kenaf fiber (''cannabinus'')

  15. (syn)

  16. roselle (''sabdariffa'')

  17. (eu-verb form of)

  18. (l)

  19. It's unimportant.

  20. you right

  21. for you

  22. there

  23. from

  24. of

  25. surely

  26. then, at that time

  27. when (referring to finished events)

  28. as, at the same time as

  29. because

  30. Da hun er mindreårig kan hun ikke idømmes fængsel.

    As she is underage, she cannot be sentenced to prison.

  31. when

  32. if

  33. there

  34. Of (''used instead of de with quantities, to emphasize the quantity rather than the thing quantified, or to indicate the unity of a shape and its material, a container and its contents, or a group and its members'')Sergio Pokrovskij (2007) http://lingvakritiko.com/2007/02/05/la-artikolo/Da 'La artikolo', in ''Lingva Kritiko: Studoj kaj notoj pri la Internacia Lingvo''http://reta-vortaro.de/revo/art/da.html 'Da' ''Reta vortaro''

  35. (quote)

  36. bow

  37. mother

  38. snake

  39. (non-gloss definition) + (l)

  40. (quote-book)|translation=The greatness of the Spanish language is unquestionable, and its study, use and defense must be something consubstantial to us, (..)

  41. to buy

  42. of the; from the

  43. there; here

  44. 1918, von Heyking|Elisabeth von Heyking, ''dem Lande der Ostseeritter|Aus dem Lande der Ostseeritter'', in ''Zwei Erzählungen'', Phillipp Reclam jun., page 78:

  45. (quote)

    ''Wir fahren nach Hamburg. Meine Frau hat eine Freundin, die da wohnt.''

    We’re going to Hamburg. My wife has a friend who lives there.

    ''Die Gäste sind noch nicht da.''

    The guests aren’t here yet.

  46. then; so; at that moment

  47. ''Ich war gerade eingeschlafen, und da kam ein Anruf.''

    I had just fallen asleep, and that’s when someone called.

    ''Er hat immer weiter auf mich eingeschrien. Da bin ich einfach gegangen.''

    He just kept on shouting at me. So I just left.

  48. (non-gloss definition)

  49. ''Ich wollte eigentlich Linsensuppe machen, aber da'' (= (l), (l)) ''hatte ich das Rezept nicht.''

    I was actually going to make lentil soup, but I didn’t have the recipe for it.

    ''Wir haben jetzt ein Angebot gekriegt, aber da'' (= (l)) ''müssen wir noch diskutieren.''

    We’ve now received an offer, but we’ll still need to have discussion about that.

  50. since; as; because; given that

  51. 1931, (w), ''in die Finsternis|Flucht in die Finsternis'', (w), page 51:

  52. when

  53. 1545, (w), (w) 7:6:

  54. I

  55. to give

  56. to cook

  57. the

  58. by

  59. ''La genitori amesas da lia filii.''

    ''The parents are loved by their children.''

  60. (ia-form of)

  61. from (all senses)

  62. (uxi)

  63. (n-g); at or to + -'s

  64. since; from

  65. to (implying necessity)

  66. like, as

  67. (n-g)

  68. enough to

  69. (n-g); worth

  70. (n-g); used to/for; in/with which to

  71. (misspelling of)

  72. (ja-romanization of)

  73. head

  74. root

  75. water

  76. At the house of

  77. one

  78. a, an

  79. (inflection of) "give!"

  80. of the

  81. from the

  82. (inflection of)

  83. (pinyin reading of)

  84. (nonstandard spelling of)

  85. to

  86. for

  87. to him/it

  88. blood

  89. you

  90. not

  91. including, well as, and

  92. I, (n-g)

  93. the (plural)

  94. so

  95. mouth

  96. please, on (qualifier)

  97. da (l)! — ''it!''

  98. doe, female deer

  99. (alt sp)

  100. these, those

  101. (senseid) (contraction of) (l) the; (l) the (feminine singular)

  102. (RQ:mul:Rowling Harry Potter)

  103. (senseid) (obsolete spelling of)

  104. (pt-cite-peregrinaça)

  105. ..., com que cada día nos da noticia de outras tão nouas que parece que a excedem, (..)
    : ..., with which he gives us each day news of other marvels so new that they seem to exceed it, (..)
  106. yes

  107. of, from

  108. about

  109. (alternative form of)

  110. that

  111. to, so, that, order to

  112. to (when the subjects of both clauses are not the same)

  113. (qualifier) to (when the subjects of both clauses are the same; for western Serbo-Croatian use infinitive instead of (m) + present tense)

  114. if, if (= (m))

  115. if, though, like

  116. without (after negative verbs)

  117. lest

  118. and

  119. (ant)

  120. (es-verb form of)

  121. (romanization of)

  122. (eye dialect of)

  123. (ux)

  124. go

  125. ''First-person inclusive plural pronoun'': you (many) and I, you (many) and me

  126. well, too, also

  127. Locative case marker. It is used to show the time or the place of an action. Equates to "in", or "at" in English.

  128. (ux)

  129. pig

  130. skin (gloss)

  131. hide; material made of animal skin, such as leather

  132. through

  133. throughout

  134. good, well

  135. goodness

  136. goods, cattle

  137. (inflection of)

  138. stick

  139. Species ''Galeopsis'' and ''Lamium''.

  140. to pour (down or into)

  141. to overturn, to capsize

  142. to draw out some quantity of something all round or to put round an entity

  143. to vomit, to up

  144. to down an object as in a ritual

  145. to divine with something

  146. to direct, guide, or lead a flock

  147. to digest

  148. to be digested

  149. to be acceptable (especially pertaining to a religious sacrifice), to be acceptable to the orisha

  150. to change and become something else, to turn into

  151. where is

  152. to betray

  153. to place or go across

  154. to create, to make, to initiate, to establish

  155. (uxi)

  156. to exercise power or authority

  157. to cease, to stop

  158. to become healthy, to be devoid of illness (in reference to the body)

  159. to make a contribution to

  160. to engage in divination, to divine

  161. to act alone

  162. to overcome, to overpower, to throw down

  163. to fall down

  164. to hit

  165. to contract an illness, to be infected with a disease (literally, to be "hit" with a disease)

  166. (syn)

  167. to inflict something on someone

  168. to become sharp, vocal, or fully awake

  169. to snap, to break, to cut (into two)

  170. to scoop out

  171. and (after words ending in a consonant)

  172. ''Sabit da Arbaha ra'' - Saturday and Wednesday

  173. eye

  174. judgment; eye

  175. joint; knot; node (gl)

  176. section of (gl)

  177. grandfather

  178. father-in-law