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cur englannista suomeksi

  1. rakki

  2. raukka

  1. Substantiivi

  2. rakki, piski

  3. lurjus

  4. Verbi

cur englanniksi

  1. A contemptible or inferior dog.

  2. (c.) published 1568, (w), ''Againſt venemous tongues enpoyſoned with ſclaunder and falſe detractions &c.'':

  3. A fals double tunge is more fiers and fellThen Cerberus the cur couching in the kenel of hel;Wherof hereafter, I thinke for to write,Of fals double tunges in the diſpite.
  4. 1613, Shakespeare|Shakespeare, ''VIII (play)|The Famous History of the Life of King Henry VIII'', Life of King Henry the EighthSCENE_IV. A hall in Black-Friars.|Act 2, scene 4

  5. you have many enemies, that know not why they are so, but, like to village-curs, bark when their fellows do.
  6. (quote-book)|title=Outpost of Progress|An Outpost of Progress|chapter=II

  7. 1919, Somerset Maugham|W. Somerset Maugham, ''Moon and Sixpence|The Moon and Sixpence'', Moon and Sixpence/Chapter XXV|chapter 25

  8. "You have no more spirit than a mongrel cur. You lie down on the ground and ask people to trample on you."
  9. A detestable person.

  10. 1613, Shakespeare|Shakespeare, ''VIII (play)|The Famous History of the Life of King Henry VIII'', Life of King Henry the EighthSCENE 1. London. An ante-chamber in the palace.|Act 1, scene 1

  11. This butcher's cur is venom-mouth'd, and I have not the power to muzzle him.
  12. ass

  13. I run.

  14. I flow.

  15. I clean.

  16. dear, beloved

  17. heart

  18. (verbal noun of)

  19. sowing, planting; tillage

  20. burial

  21. setting, laying

  22. course; round

  23. (qualifier) set

  24. why, for what reason, wherefore, to what purpose, from what motive

  25. (ux)

  26. 19 BC, Vergilius, Aeneis; Book XI, from line 424

  27. ''Cur ante tubam tremor occupat artus?''
    : Why before the trumpet ''(of war)'', fear seizes your limbs?
  28. put

  29. give

  30. asshole (gloss)

  31. (alt form)

  32. hero, warrior

  33. (RQ:mga-SMMD)

  34. (quote) Magen curad, cride n-ega, eithre n-ela, eirr trén tressa, trethan ágach, cain tarb tnúthach.|Under the breast of the hero covered in wounds, victorious in battle, you are the son of Findchoem who is equal to me. (..) Dwelling of a hero, heart of ice, plumage of a swan strong chariot-hero of battle, warlike sea, beautiful fierce bull.
  35. asshole

  36. (uxi)


  37. (verb form of) (to clean)

  38. placing, setting, sending, sowing

  39. laying, pouring

  40. falling of snow, raining

  41. throwing