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crackle englannista suomeksi

  1. rasahdus, napsahdus, risahdus

  2. särölasitteinen

  3. ratista

  4. rasahtaa

  5. särölasitteinen posliini

  6. panna säröilemään

  1. Substantiivi

  2. rasahdus, risahdus

  3. Verbi

  4. rasahtaa, risahtaa single, ratista, ritistä continuous

crackle englanniksi

  1. A fizzing, popping sound.

  2. (usex)

  3. A style of glaze giving the impression of many small cracks.

  4. The fifth derivative of the vector with respect to time (after velocity, acceleration, jerk, and jounce), i.e. the rate of change of jounce.

  5. (syn of)

  6. 2017, Edgar Maranan, ‎Len Maranan-Goldstein, ''A Taste of Home: Pinoy Expats and Food Memories''

  7. By the look on my face I must have anticipated the joy of the crackle, apparently having come to look forward to the roast pig that appeared only at gatherings such as this. I bet I asked for another piece once I was done.
  8. To make a fizzing, popping sound.

  9. ''a crackling fire''

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