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coy englannista suomeksi

  1. kaino

  2. sievistelevä, turhankaino

  1. häveliäs

  2. Substantiivi

coy englanniksi

  1. Bashful, shy, retiring.

  2. Quiet, reserved, modest.

  3. Reluctant to give details about something sensitive; notably prudish.

  4. Pretending shyness or modesty, especially in an insincere or flirtatious way.

  5. Soft, gentle, hesitating.

  6. 1594, (w), ''(w)''

  7. Enforced hate, / Instead of love's coy touch, shall rudely tear thee.
  8. To caress, pet; to coax, entice.

  9. (RQ:Shakespeare Midsummer)
  10. To calm or soothe.

  11. To allure; to decoy.

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  13. A trap from which waterfowl may be hunted.

  14. A company

  15. rheumatism

  16. rabbit

  17. short tail, stub

  18. calm; composed

  19. a type of hammock made of sailcloth used as a makeshift bunk