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cowboy englannista suomeksi

  1. hurjapää

  2. rodeoratsastaja

  3. cowboy

  1. Substantiivi

  2. cowboy in American West; karjapaimen in general

  3. fani">cowboy-fani

  4. rämäpää

  5. Verbi

cowboy englanniksi

  1. A man who tends free-range cattle, especially in the American West.

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  3. A man who identifies with cowboy culture, including wearing a hat and being a fan of and western music.

  4. A person who engages in reckless behavior, especially for the purpose of off|showing off.

  5. A dishonest and/or incompetent independent tradesman.

  6. A card of king rank.

  7. To work as a cowboy, herding cattle.

  8. 1994, Sherry Robinson, ''El Malpais, Mt. Taylor, and the Zuni Mountains: a hiking guide and history''

  9. Besides cowboying he worked at a small sawmill that cut logs into "four slabs and a tie" and sold ties to the railroad.
  10. 1995, ''American Cowboy'' (volume 2, number 4, Nov-Dec 1995, page 26)

  11. Derwood Bailey cowboyed for 50 cents a day, a noon meal, and a gallon of oats for his horse.
  12. 2003, C. J. Hadley, ''Trappings of the Great Basin Buckaroo''

  13. I still had never ridden or cowboyed, and I wanted to learn something about it. I'd been making the damn saddles for years but didn't know how to use them.
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  18. ''cowboyer og indianere - and Indians''

    ''cowboyar og indianarar - and Indians''

  19. cowboy