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coupon englannista suomeksi

  1. koekappaleen aihio

  2. kuponki

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

coupon englanniksi

  1. A section of a ticket, showing the holder to be entitled to some specified accommodation or service, as to a passage over a designated line of travel, a particular seat in a theater, a discount, etc.

  2. A voucher issued by a manufacturer or retailer which offers a discount on a particular product.

  3. A certificate of interest due, printed at the bottom of transferable bonds (state, railroad, etc.), given for a term of years, designed to be cut off and presented for payment when the interest is due; an interest warrant.

  4. Any interest payment made or due on a bond, debenture or similar (no longer by a physical coupon).

  5. The letter sent to parliamentary candidates at the (w), endorsing them as official representatives of the coalition government.

  6. A person's face.

  7. A small sample of a bulk material, prepared so that test failure will be representative.

  8. To use coupons to a such extent that makes the user actively looking for coupons in magazines, online and whatever they can be found.

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  10. coupon (gl) (zh-mw)

  11. (l) (certificate of interest due)

  12. an oddment or offcut, a short rest of fabric remaining from a bolt (roll) or large piece.Larousse Referdiscounts