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cony englannista suomeksi

  1. piiskujänis

  2. tamaani

  3. kani

  1. Substantiivi

cony englanniksi

  1. A rabbit, especially the European rabbit, ''cuniculus'' (formerly known as (taxlink)).

  2. (RQ:Shakespeare As You Like It)

  3. Rabbit fur.

  4. Locally for other rabbit-like or hyrax-like animals, such as the hyrax ((vern), dassie) or the pika ((taxlink), formerly (taxlink)).

  5. Used in the Old Testament as a translation of Hebrew (l), thought to be the hyrax (''capensis'', syn. (taxlink)).

  6. A simpleton; one who may be taken in by a cony-catcher.

  7. 1599, ''Diet's Dry Dinner'':

  8. It is a most simple animal; whence are derived our usual phrases of ''cony'' and ''cony catcher''.
  9. An edible West Indian fish, a grouper given in different sources as: (taxlink), the hind of Bermuda; nigger-fish, (taxlink); (taxlink).

  10. Several species of tropical west Atlantic groupers of family (taxlink), such as the (vern), (vern), (vern), and (vern).

  11. The burbot.

  12. A woman; a sweetheart.

  13. vagina; vulva

  14. (non-gloss definition).