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convertible englannista suomeksi

  1. cabriolet, avoauto

  2. muunnettavissa, muunnettavissa oleva

  3. vaihdettava

  4. vuodesohva

  5. muunnettava

  6. vaihdettava arvopaperi

  1. muuntokelpoinen, muunneltava

  2. Substantiivi

  3. avoauto

convertible englanniksi

  1. to|Able to be converted, particularly:

  2. to|Able to be exchanged, one for the other, especially

  3. 1843, Thomas Carlyle, ''and Present (book)|Past and Present'', book 3, ch. VI, ''Two Centuries''

  4. ''As if, in truth, there were no God of Labour; as if godlike Labour and brutal Mammonism were convertible terms.''
  5. to|Able to be exchanged for specie.

  6. to|Able to be exchanged for foreign currency.

  7. to|Able to be exchanged for a different class of security (usually stock) under certain set terms.

  8. to|Able to undergo conversion (i.e., inversion) without falsehood.

  9. to|Able to be turned, especially

  10. to|Able to be turned in a different direction.

  11. 1635, Nathanael Carpenter, ''Geography Delineated Forth in Two Bookes'' (1.4.77)

  12. ''The Axis of the Earth is supposed to haue a convertible nature.''
  13. to|Able to be turned to a different purpose.

  14. to|Able to be turned to a different religion or belief.

  15. to|Able to be into a different thing, especially

  16. to|Able to change from a closed to an open frame and back again.

  17. to|Able to be easily digested.

  18. Interchangeable things or terms.

  19. A convertible car: a car with a removable or foldable roof to convert from a closed to open vehicle and back again.

  20. A convertible security: a stock, bond, etc. that can be into another (usually stock) under certain set terms.

  21. A computer to convert from laptop to tablet and back again.

  22. convertible (gloss)

  23. convertible

  24. convertible (car)

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