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confectionary englannista suomeksi

  1. suklaapuoti

  1. Substantiivi

confectionary englanniksi

  1. Relating to, or of the nature of confections or their production.

  2. ''confectionary wares''

  3. Prepared as a confection.

  4. 1798, Cowper|William Cowper, ''On Receipt of My Mother's Picture'', line 60

  5. Thy morning bounties ere I left my home, / The biscuit, or confectionary plum;
  6. A candy, sweetmeat; a confection.

  7. {{quote-book|en|1787|Miss Tully|chapter=February 10, 1787|Letters Written During a Ten Years' Residence at the Court of Tripoli|year_published=1819|page=285|url=

  8. A place where confections are manufactured, stored; a confectory.

  9. A confectioner's shop; a confectionery.

  10. {{quote-book|en|1986|Penny Hayes|The Long Trail|url=|isbn=0930044762|page=184

  11. One who makes confections; a confectioner.

  12. ''He will take your daughters to be confectionaries, and to be cooks.'' -- 1 Samuel viii. 13.

  13. Candy, sweets, taken collectively; confectionery.