suomi-englanti sanakirja

conduit englannista suomeksi

  1. sähköputki, putki

  1. Substantiivi

  2. vesijohto, johto

  3. asennusputki tube, kaapelikanava duct, roilo groove

  4. Verbi

conduit englanniksi

  1. A pipe or channel for conveying water etc.

  2. A duct or tube into which electrical cables may be pulled; a type of raceway.

  3. A means by which something is transmitted.

  4. ''The medium considered herself a conduit for messages from the spirit world.''

  5. An investment vehicle that issues short-term commercial paper to finance long-term off-balance sheet bank assets.

  6. (l) (connecting pipe/channel)

  7. a (l)

  8. (past participle of)

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