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commitment englannista suomeksi

  1. sitoutuneisuus, vakaumus

  2. sitoumus

  3. sitoutuminen

  4. passitus

  5. velvollisuus

  1. Substantiivi

  2. sitouttaminen, velvoittaminen

  3. lähettäminen

  4. tuomio, vankilatuomio

  5. sitoumus

  6. sitoutuminen

  7. syyllistyminen, syyllisyys + illative

  8. sitoutuminen, sitoutuneisuus

  9. sitoutuneisuus

  10. vangitseminen jail; sulkeminen

commitment englanniksi

  1. The act or an instance of committing, putting charge, keeping, or trust, especially:

  2. The act of sending a legislative bill to committee for review.

  3. Official consignment sending a person to prison or a health institution.

  4. Promise or agreement to do something in the future, especially:

  5. Act of assuming a financial obligation at a future date.

  6. Being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action or to another person or persons.

  7. The trait of sincerity and focused purpose.

  8. (quote-web)

  9. Perpetration as in a crime or mistake.

  10. State of being pledged or engaged.

  11. The act of being away|locked away, such as in an institution for the mentally ill or in jail.