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coloration englannista suomeksi

  1. värienkäyttö

  2. sävy

  3. väri

  1. Substantiivi

coloration englanniksi

  1. The act or art of coloring.

  2. The quality of being colored.

  3. A notational device for indicating hemiola through either use of red ink (in mensural black notation) or black noteheads (in mensural white notation).

  4. Ornamental division (also called passaggi, glosas, diminutions. etc.) employing rapid notes.

  5. Political tendency.

  6. 1968, Bernard Cosman, ‎Robert Jack Huckshorn, ''Republican Politics'' (page 88)

  7. Numerous studies of family imprint upon offspring party attachment have shown that, when the father and mother agree politically, the children are likely to adopt the political coloration of their parents.
  8. 2014, Kevin P. Phillips, ''The Emerging Republican Majority: Updated Edition'' (page 175)

  9. The party was not organized as an Irish political vehicle, but from the first it had a decidedly Gaelic coloration.
  10. color; coloring; (l)

  11. 1827, Elisabeth Celnart, ''Art de la toilette''

  12. On voit que je ne suis point au nombre des partisans de la coloration des cheveux.
    : You can see that I'm not one of those people who's partial to a coloring of the hair