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collar englannista suomeksi

  1. rengas

  2. panna kaulapanta, laittaa panta

  3. kaulain

  4. pidätys

  5. panta, kaulapanta

  6. kaulus

  7. kaulavitjat

  8. kuri

  9. ottaa kiinni kauluksesta

  10. napata

  11. kengän reunatikkaus

  12. kauluri

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kaulus

  3. panta

  4. kaulaketju

  5. irtokaulus, kauluri

  6. kaulus, panta

  7. panta, kaulapanta, länget (monikko) for horses, kaulain

  8. länget

  9. tyvi

  10. Verbi

  11. ottaa niskasta kiinni">ottaa niskasta kiinni, kaulailla

  12. dog pannoittaa, horse längittää

  13. ottaa kiinni

  14. hallita, dominoida

  15. puhua

  16. sitoa

collar englanniksi

  1. Clothes that encircle the neck.

  2. The part of an upper garment (shirt, jacket, etc.) that fits around the neck and throat, especially if sewn from a separate piece of fabric.

  3. (RQ:Weyman Chippinge Borough)

  4. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp)

  5. A decorative band or other fabric around the neckline.

  6. A chain worn around the neck.

  7. A similar detachable item.

  8. A coloured ring round the neck of a bird or mammal.

  9. A band or chain around an animal's neck, used to restrain and/or identify it.

  10. (ux)

  11. A part of harness designed to distribute the load around the shoulders of a animal.

  12. A hangman's knot.

  13. A piece of meat from the neck of an animal.

  14. Any encircling device or structure.

  15. ''Popular Mechanics Complete Home How-to'' (page 356)

  16. In this case, slide the collar of the flapper over the overflow tube until it seats against the bottom of the flush valve.
  17. A physical lockout device to prevent operation of a mechanical signal lever.

  18. A ring or cincture.

  19. A beam.

  20. A curb, or a horizontal timbering, around the mouth of a shaft(R:Raymond Glossar).

  21. Of or pertaining to a certain category of professions as symbolized by typical clothing.

  22. The neck or line of junction between the root of a plant and its stem(R:Gray Firs)

  23. A ringlike part of a mollusk in connection with the esophagus.

  24. An eye formed in the bight or bend of a shroud or stay to go over the masthead; also, a rope to which certain parts of rigging, as dead-eyes, are secured.

  25. An arrest.

  26. (quote-book)

  27. A trading strategy using options such that there is both an upper limit on profit and a lower limit on loss, constructed through taking equal but opposite positions in a put and a call with different prices.

  28. To grab or seize by the collar or neck.

  29. To place a collar on, to fit with one.

  30. ''Collar and leash aggressive dogs.''

  31. To seize, capture or detain.

  32. To preempt, control stringently and exclusively.

  33. (senseid) To arrest.

  34. To bind in conversation.

  35. ''I managed to collar Fred in the office for an hour.''

  36. To roll up (beef or other meat) and bind it with string preparatory to cooking.

  37. To bind (a submissive) to a dominant under specific conditions or obligations.

  38. (l) (gloss)

  39. A collar. (gloss)

  40. A collar. (gloss)

  41. A necklace.

  42. An aventail.

  43. To join together objects through the use of nuts or bolts.

  44. To collar a person or animal.

  45. To establish control of a person or animal.

  46. To twist. (gloss)

  47. To screw. (gloss)

  48. To adjust a (m).

  49. necklace

  50. an animal's collar, band or chain around its neck