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cohabitation englannista suomeksi

  1. yhteisasuminen, avoliitto

  1. Substantiivi

  2. avoliitto

  3. yhteisasuminen

  4. yhteisasunto

cohabitation englanniksi

  1. An emotional and physical intimate relationship which includes a common living place and which exists without legal or religious sanction.

  2. The act of living together.

  3. A place where two or more individuals reside together.

  4. The act of two species living together in the same habitat.

  5. Cooperation between politicians of opposing political parties; especially, in France, between a President and Prime Minister.

  6. 2001, Jon Henly, ''The Guardian'', 18 Jul 2001:

  7. Commentators agreed that Mr Chirac's unusually aggressive remarks, followed by the equally fierce response of Mr Jospin's government, signalled the beginning of the end for the tense but so far civil "cohabitation" under which the two men have ruled France since 1997.
  8. (l) (act of living together)

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