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cocaine englannista suomeksi

  1. kokaiini

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kokaiini

cocaine englanniksi

  1. An addictive drug derived from coca ((taxlink)) or prepared synthetically, used sometimes medicinally as a anesthetic and, often illegally, as a stimulant.

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  3. (quote-book)|title=Scandal in Bohemia|A Scandal in Bohemia|passage=Holmes, who loathed every form of society with his whole Bohemian soul, remained in our lodgings in Baker-street, buried among his old books, and alternating from week to week between cocaine and ambition, the drowsiness of the drug, and the fierce energy of his own keen nature.

  4. (quote-av); (w)|title=(w)|season=1|number=1|role=Frank Urquhart|actor=Ian Richardson|passage=Cocaine’s awfully expensive stuff, isn't it? Is it worth it?

  5. Any derivative of cocaine.

  6. (monikko) it|cocaina