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cluster englannista suomeksi

  1. rypäs, klusteri, ryhmä, ryväs, terttu

  2. kokoontua

  3. koota yhteen

  1. Substantiivi

  2. ryhmä, rykelmä, parvi, kimppu, terttu, ryväs, rypäs

  3. rypäle

  4. galaksijoukko

  5. sointu, monisointu

  6. konsonanttiklusteri

  7. klusteri, ryväs

  8. Verbi

  9. kerääntyä, ryhmittyä, kasvaa tertussa">kasvaa tertussa

cluster englanniksi

  1. A group or bunch of several discrete items that are close to each other.

  2. ''a cluster of islands''

  3. (RQ:Spenser Colin Clout)

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  5. (quote-journal)

  6. (quote-journal)| passage=Earless ghost swift moths become “invisible” to echolocating bats by forming mating clusters close (less than half a meter) above vegetation and effectively blending into the clutter of echoes that the bat receives from the leaves and stems around them.

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  8. A number of individuals grouped together or collected in one place; a crowd; a mob.

  9. (RQ:Milton Paradise Lost) / Poure forth their populous youth about the Hive / In clusters.

  10. (RQ:Shakespeare Coriolanus)
  11. A group of galaxies or stars that appear near each other.

  12. *(quote-video game)|title=(w)|location=Redwood City|publisher=Electronic Arts|year=2008|platform=PC|scene=Citadel|isbn=9780784546642|oclc=246633669|text=My fellow biotic: You have been selected to receive this transmission because of our shared plight. Few understand us, fewer tolerate us. We must stand together. We must build our own new world. Come. Join us in the Hawking Eta cluster. Only as one body can we right the wrongs done to our kind.

  13. A sequence of two or more words that occur in language with high frequency but are not idiomatic; a chunk, bundle, or bundle.

  14. ''examples of clusters would include ''"in accordance with"'', ''"the results of"'' and ''"so far"'' ''

  15. A secundal chord of three or more notes.

  16. A group of consonants.

  17. A group of computers that work together.

  18. *(quote-book)

  19. A logical data storage unit containing one or more physical sectors (see block).

  20. A subset of a population whose members are sufficiently similar to each other and distinct from others as to be considered a distinct group; such a grouping in a set of observed data that is significant.

  21. A set of bombs or mines released as part of the same blast.

  22. A small metal design that indicates that a medal has been awarded to the same person before.

  23. A clusterfuck.

  24. An ensemble of bound atoms or molecules, intermediate in size between a molecule and a bulk solid.

  25. To form a cluster or group.

  26. (RQ:Tennyson Poems 1833)

  27. (RQ:Foxe Actes and Monuments)clustering together

  28. (quote-book)

  29. To collect into clusters.

  30. To cover with clusters.

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  34. cluster

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