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cite englannista suomeksi

  1. mainita

  2. siteerata, lainata

  3. kiittäen mainita

  4. viitata

  5. haastaa

  6. viite

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

cite englanniksi

  1. to quote; to repeat, as a passage from a book, or the words of another.

  2. (quote-journal)

  3. to list the source(s) from which one took information, words or literary or verbal context.

  4. to summon officially or authoritatively to appear in court.

  5. a citation

  6. (ux)

  7. (inflection of)

  8. city

  9. (ante), ''(w)'', Luke 8:1:

  10. And it was don aftirward, and Jhesu made iorney by citees and castelis, prechinge and euangelysinge þe rewme of God
    : And it was done afterwards, and Jesus made a journey through cities and castles, proclaiming and spreading the kingdom of God.
  11. (pt-verb-form-of)

  12. (es-verb form of)