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chopper englannista suomeksi

  1. chopper

  2. paloitteluveitsi, hakkuuveitsi

  3. hammas

  4. kopteri

  1. paloitteluveitsi

  2. kirves

  3. slaba

  4. chopperi

  5. rynkky assault rifle; aksu AK-47

  6. hakkuri

  7. kopteri

  8. Verbi

chopper englanniksi

  1. A tool for chopping wood; an axe/ax.

  2. A knife for chopping food, especially one with a large oblong blade.

  3. A thick mitten, usually with yellow leather on the outside.

  4. A type of road motorcycle, especially as used by biker/bikie gangs.

  5. Any of various electronic switches used to interrupt one signal under the control of another.

  6. A crude tool with an irregular cutting edge formed by removing flakes from one side of a stone.

  7. A high-bouncing batted ball.

  8. The penis.

  9. An assault rifle, especially a fully-automatic one (e.g. an AK-47).

  10. The bluefish (''saltatrix'').

  11. A helicopter.

  12. (quote-song)|album=Black Bear Road|url=|artist=(w)|passage=There's armored cars, and tanks, and JeepsAnd rigs of every size.Yeah, them chicken coops was full o'bearsAnd choppers filled the skies.

  13. To travel or transport by helicopter.

  14. to stumble

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