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chink englannista suomeksi

  1. täyttää raot, tilkitä

  2. kilisyttää, helistä, kilahtaa, kilahdella, helähdellä

  3. aiheuttaa halkeama

  4. rakonen, rako

  5. kilinä, kilahdus

  6. vinosilmä

  1. rakonen, rako

  2. naarmu

  3. tilkitä

  4. kilinä, helinä repeated; kilahdus, helähdys individual; kilahtelu, helähtely occasional

  5. kilisevä

  6. kilistä, helistä repeatedly; kilahtaa, helähtää once; kilahdella, helähdellä occasionally

chink englanniksi

  1. A narrow opening such as a fissure or crack.

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  5. A chip or dent in something metallic.

  6. (ux)

  7. A vulnerability or flaw in a protection system or in any otherwise formidable system.

  8. (quote-journal) pulled up with a hamstring injury and was replaced.

  9. To fill an opening such as the space between logs in a log house with chinking; to caulk.

  10. To crack; to open.

  11. To cause to open in cracks or fissures.

  12. A slight sound as of metal objects touching each other; a clink.

  13. (quote-book)

  14. Ready money, especially in the form of coins.

  15. 1834, David Crockett, ''A Narrative of the Life of'', Nebraska 1987, pp. 47-8:

  16. I thought that if all the hills about there were pure chink, and all belonged to me, I would give them if I could just talk to her when I wanted to (..)
  17. (quote-book)|passage=to leave his chink to better hands|year=1727|title=Occasional Poems|section="The Fortune-Hunter"

  18. 1855, Henry Augustus Wise, ''Tales for the Marines'' (page 121)

  19. At the same time, mind, I must have a bit of a frolic occasionally, for that's all the pleasure I has, when I gets a little chink in my becket; and ye know, too, that I don t care much for that stuff, for a dollar goes with me as fur as a gold ounce does with you, when ye put on your grand airs, and shower it about like a nabob.
  20. To make a slight sound like that of metal objects touching.

  21. To cause to make a sharp metallic sound, as coins, small pieces of metal, etc., by bringing them into collision with each other.

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  23. He chinks his purse
  24. (alt form)

  25. (alt case)