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chatty englannista suomeksi

  1. jaaritteleva

  2. puhelias

  1. puhelias, suulas

  2. tuttavallinen

chatty englanniksi

  1. Of a person, chatting a lot or fond of chatting.

  2. Of a text or speech, expressed in a conversational style.

  3. Supplying more information than necessary; verbose.

  4. ''Chatty error messages may help attackers to compromise your server.''

  5. Infested with lice; or, dirty, worn or of poor quality; lousy.

  6. 2014, Ian Robson, “Fenham residents campaign against plans to replace wall with wooden fence”, ''Chronicle|The Chronicle'':

  7. Now there are plans to put up a cheap and chatty wooden fence which will not provide anything like the security the old wall did and it will not have the same character.
  8. (alt form)