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  1. charlotte russe, kääretorttukermahyytelö

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  1. A dessert of custard or cream enclosed in cake, often in the form of ladyfingers. (defdate)

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  3. (quote-journal)|date=28 February 1857|volume=I|issue=9|page=131|pageurl=|column=4|oclc=883997577|passage=Cod and oyster sauce; smelt tossed with eggs, and made piquant with a squeeze of lemon (don't forget the lemon); chocolate custards, and a proper variety of puff-pâtés, blancmange, jellies, ice-creams, and Charlotte russe, are not bad to take, and, moreover, commend themselves to the pious conscience, for they are not forbidden by pope or council.

  4. (quote-journal)|date=9 March 1867|volume=23|issue=593|page=312|pageurl=|column=2|oclc=860693653|passage=But people don't think of training cooks, though they train ballet-girls, sempstresses, and bonnet-makers. A good ''Charlotte Russe'' is a higher effort of talent than a bonnet.

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  6. (quote-book)|location=New York, N.Y.|publisher=(publisher)|Harper & Brothers, publishers.(nb...)|year=1876|page=283|pageurl=|oclc=14720009|passage=The Bavarian creams all make good ''charlottes-russe'', the peach Bavarian making an especially delicious one. Sometimes these mixtures are frozen, and put into ''charlotte'' molds; the cake is formed in molds a trifle larger.

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  8. (quote-book) Variations proliferated, and charlottes Russe appeared on dessert menus from La Côte Basque, where cream was hand whisked and savoie biscuits hand piped, to the 24-hour diner on Route 2, whose fillings may have been instant pudding or canned whipped topping, cookies from a cellophane bag, and garnishes canned peaches or strawberry pie topping.