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castigate englannista suomeksi

  1. kurittaa

  2. arvostella

  1. Verbi

castigate englanniksi

  1. To punish or reprimand someone severely.

  2. 1999, P. Gordon|Robert P. Gordon, ''I & II Samuel: A Commentary'', Zondervan, p. 264:

  3. Perhaps disarmed by his own scandalous behaviour with Bathsheba, he was in no position to castigate his son for a similar fault.
  4. To execrate or condemn something in a harsh manner, especially by public criticism.

  5. (quote-book), transl.|title=Canterbury Tales|The Canterbury Tales: Translated into Modern English|series=(w)|publisher=(w)|year=1951|year_published=1977|page=261|passage=The curse of avarice and cupidity / Is all my sermon, for it frees the pelf. / Out come the pence, and specially for myself, / For my exclusive purpose is to win / And not at all to castigate their sin.

  6. 2016, Halil Berktay, Faroqhi|Suraiya Faroqhi, ''New Approaches to State and Peasant in Ottoman History'', Routledge, p. 150:

  7. But despite all this, for Barkan, the universalist notion of an 'Ottoman feudalism' was anathema: he castigated this idea as the concentrated expression of the anti-Ottomanism of the Kemalist Enlightenment.
  8. 2001, Klaus R. Scherer, Angela Schorr, Tom Johnstone, ''Appraisal Processes in Emotion: Theory, Methods, Research'', Oxford University Press, p. 59:

  9. Lewis should have castigated the reasoning employed rather than the emotion, which offers no clue as to which side of the argument a person will adopt.
  10. 2012, James King, ''Under Foreign Eyes: Western Cinematic Adaptations of Postwar Japan'', John Hunt Publishing, p. 1:

  11. From the outset, this issue becomes an often double-edged sword wherein Japan is both valorized and castigated.
  12. To revise or make corrections to a publication.

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