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carte englannista suomeksi

  1. ruokalista

  1. Substantiivi

carte englanniksi

  1. A of fare; a menu.

  2. A card.

  3. 1869, Emma Jane Worboise, ''The fortunes of Cyril Denham'' (page 258)

  4. "He only says she is Laura Somerset, and he sends me her ''carte''; here it is."
  5. A de visite (small collectible photograph of a famous person).

  6. 2013, C. Boyce, ‎P. Finnerty, ‎A. Millim, ''Victorian Celebrity Culture and Tennyson's Circle''

  7. Celebrity cartes, and photographic portraits more generally, were valued in Victorian culture for their much-lauded ability to render the sitter as he or she really was.
  8. A card.

  9. (alt form)

  10. card

  11. chart; map

  12. menu

  13. (monikko) it|carta

  14. card

  15. chart

  16. paper

  17. document, deed

  18. (alternative form of)

  19. book

  20. (uxi)

  21. (monikko) ro|cartă