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caller englannista suomeksi

  1. raikas

  2. soittaja

  3. tuore

  4. puheenjohtaja

  5. sijoittaja

  6. vieras

  7. kutsuja

  8. vedonlyöjä

  9. kuuluttaja

  1. Substantiivi

  2. soittaja

caller englanniksi

  1. The person who makes a telephone call.

  2. ''- I've got someone on the line.''

    ''- Who's the caller?''

  3. A visitor.

  4. ''a gentleman caller''

  5. The person who stands at the front of the hall and announces the numbers.

  6. A function that calls another (the callee).

  7. A whistle or similar item used to call foxes.

  8. The person who directs dancers in certain dances, such as American dances and dances.

  9. Fresh (of food, especially fish).

  10. ''Wha'll buy my caller herrin’, / New drawn frae the Forth?'' (Caroline Oliphaunt, ‘Caller Herrin'’)

  11. Cool.