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brain englannista suomeksi

  1. murskata kallo, lyödä aivot pihalle, murskata

  2. äly, älykkyys

  3. aivot

  4. kumauttaa, iskeä päähän

  5. järki

  6. älykkö

  1. Substantiivi

  2. aivot (monikko)

  3. älykkö

  4. äly, älykkyys, järki, aivot (monikko)

  5. Verbi

  6. iskeä päähän">iskeä päähän, kolkata into unconsciousness

  7. lyödä aivot pihalle">lyödä aivot pihalle, murskata kallo">murskata kallo

brain englanniksi

  1. The control center of the nervous system of an animal located in the skull which is responsible for perception, cognition, attention, memory, emotion, and action.

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  3. (quote-journal)

  4. A part of the brain, especially associated with particular mental functions, abilities, etc.

  5. (quote-book)

  6. An intelligent person.

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  8. *(quote-video game)|title=(w)|genre=fiction|Science Fiction|location=Redwood City|publisher=Electronic Arts|year=2017|platform=PC|scene=Nexus|oclc=1261299044|text=Peebee: The brains and I are comparing Remnant notes and filling in the blanks.

  9. A person who provides the intelligence required for something.

  10. Intellect.

  11. 2008 Quaker Action (magazine) ''Rights trampled in rush to deport immigrant workers'', Fall 2008, Vol. 89, No. 3, p. 8:

  12. "We provided a lot of brains and a lot of heart to the response when it was needed," says Sandra Sanchez, director of AFSC's Immigrants' Voice Program in Des Moines.
  13. An intellectual or mental capacity.

  14. By analogy with a human brain, the part of a machine or computer that performs calculations.

  15. sex|Oral sex.

  16. 2012, (w) featuring Turk and Mystikal, ''I'm On It''

  17. You said I got brain from your dame in the range
    In the passing lane
    But you really ain't got no proof
  18. (quote-song)

  19. Mind.

  20. A loose compartment of a backpack that straps on over the top opening.

  21. To dash out the brains of; to kill by smashing the skull.

  22. To strike (someone) on the head.

  23. To destroy; to put an end to.

  24. (RQ:Shakespeare Tempest)

  25. (RQ:Shakespeare Measure) That brain'd my purpoſe:

  26. (RQ:Melville Moby-Dick)

  27. To conceive in the mind; to understand.

  28. (RQ:Shakespeare Cymbeline)

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  32. (monikko) cy|brân