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  1. blues

  2. alakuloisuus

  1. blues

  2. Substantiivi

blues englanniksi

  1. (monikko) en|blue

  2. A feeling of sadness or depression.

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  4. (RQ:Stevenson Treasure Island)

  5. One's particular life experience, particularly including the hardships one has faced.

  6. ''Your blues is just like mine.''

    ''Your blues are just like mine.''

  7. The negative emotional state produced by a particular action, occupation, experience or idea.

  8. ''I've got the lonely man's blues.''

    ''If you work here long enough, you'll have the butcher's blues just like me.''

  9. A musical form, African-American in origin, generally featuring an blues|eight-bar or blues structure and using the scale.

  10. ''Many great blues musicians came from the Mississippi Delta region.''

    ''A large portion of modern popular music is influenced by the blues.''

  11. A musical composition following blues forms.

  12. ''My next number is a blues in G.''

  13. (senseid) A (l) made principally of a blue fabric, and especially a (l) uniform thus colored.

  14. (cot)

    ''They marched in their dress blues.''

  15. 2007, (w), "Dress Blues":

  16. You never planned on the bombs in the sand
    Or sleeping in your dress blues.
  17. Any of a number of sports teams which wear blue kit.

  18. Football Club|Carlton Football Club.

  19. South Wales rugby league team|New South Wales.

  20. City FC|Birmingham City FC.

  21. FC|Everton FC.

  22. FC|Chelsea FC.

  23. City FC|Manchester City FC.

  24. Any of various blue pills sold on the street, mimicking the appearance of prescription pain killer tablets but often laced with fentanyl that leads to overdose deaths (see ''(w)'').

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  27. blues; a musical form

  28. blues; a musical composition

  29. blues

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  31. blues

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  35. blues; a musical form

  36. blues; a musical composition