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  1. bingo

  1. bingo

  2. ritirati sanapeli">ritirati sanapeli

  3. bingo, napakymppi

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bingo englanniksi

  1. A of chance for two or more players, who mark off numbers on a grid as they are announced by the caller; the game is won by the first person to call out "bingo!" or "house!" after crossing off all numbers on the grid or in one line of the grid.

  2. A win in such a game.

  3. ''There were two bingos in the last game, so the players split the prize money.''

  4. A play where all seven of a player's letter tiles are played.

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  9. (non-gloss definition) "You've just made my point!" or "My point exactly!"

  10. Just sufficient to return to base (or, alternatively, to divert to an alternative airfield). (qualifier)

  11. 1993, ''Red River Valley Fighter Pilots'', page 40:

  12. Well, the old pucker factor went up about 75 notches at that point cause that length of time would put my wingman below Bingo fuel, plus the thought of sitting in an orbit several miles West of the Yen Bai (..)
  13. 2012, Larry R Gibson, ''Recollections of a Marine Attack Pilot'', page 54:

  14. The first pilot to get down to this bingo fuel state would call, “Banjo 4, bingo fuel,” or whatever.
  15. To play the game of bingo.

  16. To give the winning cry of "bingo!" in a game.

  17. To play all of one's seven tiles in one move in the game of Scrabble, earning a score bonus.

  18. 2009, Joe Edley, John Williams, ''Everything Scrabble: Third Edition'' (page 333)

  19. With IN on the board, he bingoed with OPERATING for 74 points, while Ann added the CO in front of it for 30 points.
  20. To return to base.

  21. Brandy.

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  24. bingo

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  26. bingo (all senses)

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  33. bingo (gloss)