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beget englannista suomeksi

  1. saada perillinen

  1. Verbi

  2. synnyttää, aiheuttaa

  3. hedelmöittää, siittää

beget englanniksi

  1. To father; to sire; to produce (a child).

  2. (RQ:King James Version)

  3. 2003, William H. Frist, Shirley Wilson, ''Good People Beget Good People: A Genealogy of the Frist Family'', Rowman & Littlefield ((ISBN)), page 110:

  4. I believe good people beget good people. If you marry the right person, then you will have good children. But everywhere else in life, too, good people beget good people. In your work, when you hire good people, they, in turn, will hire good ...
  5. To cause; to produce.

  6. *(RQ:Thackeray Pendennis)

  7. (quote-web)|date=12 May 2019|passage=Violence begets violence, and the only people still remaining will do the very thing that the living were fighting to preserve during the battle against the Night King: They’ll remember, and keep the memory of this bloodbath alive.

  8. To forth.

  9. (RQ:Jonson Bartholomew Fair)

  10. {{quote-web|en|date=2012-02-01

  11. To happen to; befall.