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beaver englannista suomeksi

  1. puurtaa, ahkeroida, uurastaa

  2. visiiri, silmikko

  3. majavannahka

  4. majava

  5. karvahattu

  6. parrakas mies, partasuu

  7. silkkihattu

  1. majava

  2. majavannahka

  3. tummanruskea

  4. tuhero, ryijy, karvakolmio

beaver englanniksi

  1. Beaver

  1. (senseid) A semiaquatic rodent of the genus ''Castor'', having a wide, flat tail and webbed feet.

  2. (quote-book ) |chapter=(w) |mainauthor=Edmund Spenser |editor=(w) |title=The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser |url= |location=Edinburgh |publisher=William P. Nimmo |year_published=1868 |page=112 |lines=1117–1126 |passage=Then, for the safeguard of his personage,He did appoint a warlike equipageOf foreign beasts, not in the forest bred,But part by land and part by water fed;For tyranny is with strange aid supported.Then unto him all monstrous beasts resortedBred of two kinds, as Griffons, Minotaurs,Crocodiles, Dragons, Beavers, and Centaurs:With those himself he strengthened mightily,That fear he need no force of enemy.

  3. The fur of the beaver.

  4. (syn)

  5. A hat, of various shapes, made from a felted beaver fur (or later of silk), fashionable in Europe between 1550 and 1850.

  6. (RQ:Prescott Philip 2)

  7. 1896: ''For the White Rose of Arno'' by Owen Rhoscomyl

  8. The woman's hair and woman's beaver had both been jerked off, exposing the cropped head of a man...
  9. Beaver pelts as an article of exchange or as a standard of value.

  10. Beaver cloth, a heavy felted woollen cloth, used chiefly for making overcoats.

  11. A brown colour, like that of a beaver.

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  13. A move in response to being doubled, in which one immediately doubles the stakes again, keeping the doubling cube on one’s own side of the board.

  14. (senseid) (alternative case form of).

  15. (senseid) To work hard.

  16. (quote-book ) |chapter=Changing Interpretations of the British Reformations |editor=(w) |title=The Oxford Handbook of the Protestant Reformations |location=Oxford |publisher=Oxford University Press |isbn=978-0-19-964692-0 |page=234 |passage=When A. G. Dickens published his ''English Reformation'' in 1964 the archival beavering of a generation of graduate students was given its imprimatur in the claim to understand how the English people felt about religious change—largely, according to Dickens, positively.

  17. To cut a continuous ring around a tree that one is felling.

  18. After being doubled, to immediately double the stakes again, a move that keeps the doubling cube on one’s own side of the board.

  19. (senseid) (alternative spelling of).

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  21. 1600, (w), The ''Jerusalem Delivered'' of Tasso, XII, lxvii:

  22. With trembling hands her beaver he untied, / Which done, he saw, and seeing knew her face.
  23. (quote-text)|title=(w)|passage=Without alighting from his horse, the conqueror called for a bowl of wine, and opening the beaver, or lower part of his helmet, announced that he quaffed it, “To all true English hearts, and to the confusion of foreign tyrants.”

  24. 1951 Adaptation of the 1885 Ormsby translation of Cervantes' Don Quixote, correcting Ormsby as to the portion of the helmet referred to by Cervantes (see Note 11 to Chapter II) at the suggestion of Juan Hartzenbusch, a 19th Century Director of the National Library of Spain.

  25. They laid a table for him at the door of the inn for the sake of the air, and the host brought him a portion of ill-soaked and worse cooked stockfish, and a piece of bread as black and mouldy as his own armour; but a laughble sight it was to see him eating, for having his helmet on and the beaver up, he could not with his own hands put anything into his mouth unless some one else placed it there, and this service one of the ladies rendered him.
  26. 1974, (w), ''(w)'', Faber & Faber 1992, p.128:

  27. As each one brings a little of himself to what he sees you brought the trappings of your historic preoccupations, so that Monsieur flattered you by presenting himself with beaver up like Hamlet's father's ghost!
  28. Butter.

  29. (quote-book )

  30. To form a felt-like texture, similar to the way beaver fur is used for felt-making.

  31. (quote-book ) |title=General View of the Agriculture of the County of Lincoln |location=London |page=155 |passage=Without these attentions the woad will not ''beaver'' well, a term descriptive of the fineness of the capillary filaments into which it draws out when broken between the finger and thumb.

  32. (non-gloss definition)

  33. (senseid) A beard or a bearded person.

  34. (quote-book ) |title=(w) |passage=The beards were false ones. I could see the elastic going over their ears. In other words, I had fallen among a band of criminals who were not wilful beavers, but had merely assumed the fungus for purposes of disguise.

  35. (senseid) A game, in which points are scored by spotting beards.

  36. (non-gloss definition)

  37. (senseid) The hair near a vulva or a vulva itself; (n-g).

  38. (quote-book ) |chapter=(w) |title=(w) |location=New York |publisher=Open Road Media |year_published=2014 |isbn=978-1-4976-0489-6 |passage=Finally it came on. It was a beauty, a beaver flick made in the late 1970s. It was called ''Big Black Leather Splits''.

  39. (quote-av)|year=1975|writer=(w) and (w)|director=(w)|role=(w)|actor=(w)|passage=Between you and me, uh, she might have been fifteen, but when you get that little red beaver right up there in front of you, I don't think it's crazy at all and I don't think you do either.

  40. (quote-av)|year=1997|writer=(w)|role=Reed Rothchild|actor=(w)|passage=Let’s get some of that Saturday night beaver.

  41. (quote-book ) |title=Destination: Morgue! L.A. Tales |url= |location=New York |publisher=Vintage Books |isbn=978-1-4000-3287-7 |pages=127–128 |passage=The store sold beaver books, fuck-suck books, homo books, novels, films, slides, playing cards, dildoes, cock rings, S&M gear, and French ticklers.

  42. (quote-book ) once she wore none at all, swears to this day that he saw her beaver that fateful Friday night.

  43. A woman, especially one who is sexually attractive.

  44. (quote-journal ) and (w) |title=Jimmy Carter: New South Burn |url= |journal=Rolling Stone |location=Francisco or New York |accessdate=December 1, 2022 |passage=“10-4, Beaver talk for a female, we’re all going down to Plains tomorrow after Jimmy Carter wins.”

  45. To spot a beard in a game of beaver.

  46. (quote-journal )