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bay englannista suomeksi

  1. vaatia äänekkäästi, mylviä

  2. alkovi, syvennys

  3. merenlahti, lahti, poukama

  4. hytti

  5. laakeripuu

  6. tila, paikka

  7. haukunta, ulvonta

  8. punaruskea, ruunikko

  9. ulvoa

  1. laakeripuu

  2. laakerinlehti

  3. lahti, merenlahti

  4. syvennys, nissi

  5. haukku

  6. haukkua, ulista

  7. haukkua

  8. ruunikko of horse

  9. rautias

  10. rautias, raudikko

  11. Substantiivi

  12. Verbi

bay englanniksi

  1. A berry.

  2. ''(ll)'', a tree or shrub of the family Lauraceae, having dark green leaves and berries.

  3. leaf|Bay leaf, the leaf of this or certain other species of tree or shrub, used as a herb.

  4. The leaves of this shrub, woven into a garland used to reward a champion or victor; hence, fame, victory.

  5. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queene)

  6. 1771, (w), ''On the Vanity of Youthful Expectations''

  7. The patriot's honours and the poet's bays.
  8. A tract covered with bay trees.

  9. A kind of mahogany obtained from (w) in Mexico.

  10. (senseid) A of water (especially the sea) more-or-less three-quarters surrounded by land.

  11. (quote-book)

  12. A bank or dam to keep back water.

  13. (senseid) An opening in a wall, especially between two columns.

  14. An internal recess; a compartment or area surrounded on three sides.

  15. *(quote-video game)|title=(w)|genre=fiction|Science Fiction|location=Redwood City|publisher=Electronic Arts|year=2012|platform=PC|scene=Normandy SR-2|oclc=962368035|passage=Wrex: And Shepard--I like what you've done with the Normandy. Got tired of always hanging around the cargo bay before.

  16. {{quote-journal|en|date=2013-06-01|volume=407|issue=8838

  17. The distance between two supports in a vault or building with a roof.

  18. Each of the spaces, port and starboard, between decks, forward of the bitts, in sailing warships.

  19. A platform.

  20. A window.

  21. The excited howling of dogs when hunting or being attacked.

  22. (quote-book)| title=(w)| section=act 2, scene 2| lines=1–6| passage=The hunt is up, the morn is bright and grey, / The fields are fragrant, and the woods are green. / Uncouple here, and let us make a bay / And wake the Emperor and his lovely bride, / And rouse the Prince, and ring a hunter's peal, / That all the court may echo with the noise.

  23. The climactic confrontation between hunting-dogs and their prey.

  24. A state of being obliged to face an antagonist or a difficulty, when escape has become impossible.

  25. (RQ:Dryden Aeneis)

  26. (RQ:Isaac Taylor Saturday Evening)

  27. To howl.

  28. (RQ:Dryden Fables)

  29. The hounds at nearer distance hoarsely bay'd.
  30. To bark at; hence, to follow with barking; to bring or drive to bay.

  31. ''to bay the bear''

  32. (quote-book)| title=(w)| section=act 5, scene 5| lines=222–223| passage=Spit, and throw stones, cast mire upon me, set / The dogs o'th' street to bay me

  33. To pursue noisily, like a pack of hounds.

  34. Of a reddish-brown colour (especially of horses).

  35. A brown colour/color of the coat of some horses.

  36. (color panel)

  37. A horse of this color.

  38. 1877, George Nevile, ''Horses and Riding'' (page 105)

  39. (..) browns are the soberest, bays are the worst tempered, and chestnuts are the most foolish.
  40. barracouta

  41. (n-g)

  42. (pronunciation spelling of)

  43. kiss

  44. rich

  45. to give

  46. dog

  47. rebozo

  48. bye; long

  49. house; home

  50. rich, noble

  51. house

  52. gentleman

  53. Mr.

  54. rich, wealthy

  55. to fly (gloss)

  56. to flutter (gloss)

  57. to away

  58. with ease; in a fast-paced manner

  59. (uxi)

  60. trowel

  61. you (''second-person plural'')

  62. (l)