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bavaroise englanniksi

  1. Bavarian cream

  1. A drink of sweetened milk, eggs and tea, often with some sort of spirit.

  2. 1870 October 22, “Beethoven, Goethe, and Michael Angelo”, in ''Dwight’s Journal of Music'', Volume XXX, Number 16, page 329-330:

  3. In the A flat ''andante'', flowing like sweet honey, the waiter brings him, instead of coffee, a bavaroise; in the defiant C major Beethoven bellows out for his coffee: the waiter looks anxiously around, and, after a time again brings the bavaroise, but this time milled with “Obers.”
  4. 1890, Hearn|Lafcadio Hearn, ''Two Years in the French West Indies'', Harper & Brothers, page 348:

  5. Cyrillia always prepares something for me on my return from the beach,—either a little pot of fresh cocoa-water, or a ''cocoyage'', or a ''mabiyage'', or a ''bavaroise''.
  6. 1894, Ranhofer|Charles Ranhofer, ''The Epicurean'', Kessinger Publishing (2004), (ISBN), page 283:

  7. Bavaroise is taken at night before retiring.
  8. 1934, Sabatini|Rafael Sabatini, ''Venetian Masque'', House of Stratus (2001), (ISBN), page 256:

  9. He ordered himself a bavaroise and he had begun to sip it when he was aware of a presence at his elbow.
  10. A cold dessert made from custard, cream and gelatine.

  11. 1857 September, “The Code of Honor”, in ''Harper’s New Monthly Magazine'', Volume XV, Number LXXXVIII, page 521:

  12. Saint Foix had a duel with a gentleman, whom he saw at the Café Procope, eating a bavaroise.
  13. 1902, Janet McKenzie Hill, ''Practical Cooking and Serving'', Doubleday, Page & Company, page 519:

  14. Pistachio-and-Strawberry Bavaroise
  15. (ante) Lida Seely, ''Mrs. Seely’s Cook Book'', The Macmillan Company (1914), page 308:

  16. A chocolate bavaroise may be made the same as above, adding two ounces of chocolate dissolved in a little water just before the mixture is strained.
  17. 2005, Harris|Joanne Harris and Fran Warde, ''The French Market: More Recipes from a French Kitchen'', HarperCollins (2006), (ISBN), page 196:

  18. There are any number of variants on the classic bavaroise, the most elegant of chilled puddings.
  19. bavaroise (gloss)

  20. bavarois, ''also'' bavaroise (gloss)

  21. (feminine singular of)