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automatic englannista suomeksi

  1. automaattinen, automaatti-

  1. automaattinen

  2. automaattinen, sarjatuli-

  3. Substantiivi

  4. automaattiauto, automaattivaihteistoinen auto">automaattivaihteistoinen auto

  5. automaattiase

automatic englanniksi

  1. Capable of operating without external control or intervention.

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  3. Done out of habit or without conscious thought.

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  5. Necessary, inevitable, prescribed by logic, law, etc.

  6. Firing continuously as long as the trigger is pressed until ammunition is exhausted.

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  8. An autoloader; a semi-automatic or self-loading pistol, as opposed to a revolver or other manually actuated handgun, which fires one shot per pull of the trigger; distinct from machine guns.

  9. Automatically added to and removed from the stack during the course of function calls.

  10. Having one or more finite-state automata

  11. A car with automatic transmission.

  12. ''I never learned to drive a stick. I can only drive an automatic.''

  13. A semi-automatic pistol.

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