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asema englanniksi

  1. treasurership

  2. position, status

  3. standing

  4. tribuneship

  5. dignity

  6. trusteeship

  7. rank

  8. capacity

  9. military position

  10. bearing

  11. station

  12. place

  13. studentship

  14. drive

  15. posture

  16. depot

  17. stand

  18. shoes

  1. state, position, situation

  2. ''Olen sellaisessa asemassa, että en voi kritisoida presidenttiä julkisesti.''

    I am in such a position that I can not criticize the president publicly.

  3. status (person’s position or standing relative to that of others)

  4. ''Upseerin rouvalla on kunnioitettu asema varuskuntakaupungissa.''

    The wife of an officer has a respected status in a garrison town.

  5. station

  6. ''rautatieasema''

    railway station

  7. post

  8. drive

  9. (topics) A (l) who has the appearance of an elderly person during the day and hides his or her skin at night when out for blood.