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antecedently englannista suomeksi

  1. edeltävästi

antecedently englanniksi

  1. At an earlier time.

  2. (syn)


  3. 1593, (w), ''Philadelphus,'' London: John Wolfe,

  4. The History of (w) and the Brutans setteth forth. Principally and antecedently their persons, & in them sheweth the geneallogy ''or issue which they had'', artes ''which they studied,'' actes ''which they did''.
  5. 1661, (w), ''(w),'' Part(nbs)4, pp.(nbs)214-215,

  6. (..) it does not at all appear, that all Mixtures must be of Elementary Bodies; but it seems farr more probable, that there are divers sorts of compound Bodies, even in regard of all or some of their Ingredients, consider’d Antecedently to their Mixture.
  7. 1739, (w), ''(w),'' London: John Noon, Volume(nbs)1, Part(nbs)2, Section(nbs)6, p.(nbs)123,

  8. (..) nothing is ever present to the mind but perceptions, and (..) all ideas are deriv’d from something antecedently present to the mind;
  9. 1896, (w), “An Imaginative Woman” in ''(w),'' New York: Harper, p.(nbs)4,

  10. She had never antecedently regarded this occupation of his as any objection to having him for a husband.
  11. 2008, Michael Della Rocca, ''(w),'' London: Routledge, Chapter(nbs)4, p.(nbs)161,

  12. The case of envy just described is one in which we feel joy or sadness at the sadness or joy of one we antecedently hate.