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absurd englannista suomeksi

  1. järjetön, mahdoton

  2. absurdi

  3. mielettömyys, järjettömyys

  1. absurdi, järjetön

  2. Substantiivi

absurd englanniksi

  1. Contrary to reason or propriety; obviously and flatly opposed to manifest truth; inconsistent with the plain dictates of common sense; logically contradictory; nonsensical; ridiculous; silly. (defdate)(R:SOED5)

  2. 1591, (w), ''(w)'', V-iv

  3. This proffer is absurd and reasonless.
  4. ca. 1710, (w)

  5. This phrase absurd to call a villain great
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  8. Inharmonious; dissonant. (defdate)

  9. Having no rational or orderly relationship to people's lives; meaningless; lacking order or value.

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  11. Dealing with absurdism.

  12. An absurdity. (defdate)

  13. The opposition between the human search for meaning in life and the inability to find any; the state or condition in which man exists in an irrational universe and his life has no meaning outside of his existence. (defdate)http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/kierkegaard/ "Søren Kierkegaard" in ''The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy''

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  15. absurdity

  16. absurdly

  17. absurd

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  19. (quote-book)|title=En folkefiende|page=164|passage=absurde traditioner|t=absurd traditions

  20. (quote-book)|title=Samlede værker II (Mindeutgave)|page=67|passage=en saa absurd forbindelse – med en stor rødhaaret bondepige|t=such an absurd connection - with a big red-haired peasant girl

  21. (quote-book)|title=Plutselig høre noen åpne en dør|page=188|passage=situasjonen er absurd, tenker jeg|t=the situation is absurd, I think

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  23. (quote-book)|title=Når fuglen letter|page=11|passage=i billedkunsten er det åpenbart absurd å tale om noe fremskritt|t=in the visual arts, it is obviously absurd to talk about any progress

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  26. (quote-book)|title=Thomas Pihls annen lov|page=40|passage=en absurd komedie eller et absurd melodrama|t=an absurd comedy or an absurd melodrama

  27. (quote-book)|title=Orden og kaos|page=326|passage=i absurd litteratur mangler gjerne motsetningen mellom normalitet og fantastikk|t=in absurd literature, the contrast between normality and fantastic is often lacking

  28. (quote-book)|title=Elvis Presley|page=37|passage=framførelsen nærmer seg grensen til absurd komikk|t=the performance is approaching the limit of absurd comedy

  29. (quote-book)|title=Å lese skuespill|page=122|passage=ordenes sammenbrudd, som kanskje er det viktigste fellestema ved det absurde teater|t=the breakdown of words, which is perhaps the most important common theme of the absurd theater

  30. ''Jego propozycje to jeden wielki absurd.''

    His suggestions are one big load of nonsense.

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