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Washington englannista suomeksi

  1. Washington

  1. Washington

  2. osavaltio / Washingtonin osavaltio

  3. Substantiivi

Washington englanniksi

  1. (place)

  2. (w), the first president of the United States, and commanding general during its war of independence.

  3. The government or administrative authority of the United States. From the capital city of D.C.

  4. (surname)

  5. A placename:

  6. (place):

  7. (place).

  8. (place), most of which are named for George Washington:

  9. (given name), popular during the first century of American independence, given in honor of George Washington.

  10. (w).

  11. a U.S. one-dollar bill, which features a portrait of (w)

  12. (place) (gloss)

  13. D.C.

  14. (n-g)

  15. (given name)

  16. (syn)

  17. the letter W in the phonetic alphabet|Spanish phonetic alphabet