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  1. Stephen

  1. Stefanos

  2. Tapani

Stephen englanniksi

  1. The first Christian martyr.

  2. (RQ:King James Version):

  3. And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people.
  4. (given name).

  5. 1852 (w), ''Tale of a Carpet-Bag'', Ainsworth's Magazine, Vol. 21, page 17:

  6. I, for my part, ask any candid reader if it was not bad enough to be called Broadfoot, without having it aggravated into ''Stephen'' Broadfoot? I feel confident I will here get a tear of sympathy from all unhappy Andrews and Peters, and Aarons and Samuels, with a smile of disdainful compassion from thrice-happy Franks and Charleys and Bills.
  7. 1952 Thomas Pyles, ''Words and Ways of American English'', Random House, page 245:

  8. It is doubtless true that American English lacks a tradition for the pronunciation of ''Anthony'', a name which was not often bestowed upon American males until the comparatively recent craze for supposedly swank "British" Christian names, like ''Stephen'', ''Peter'', ''Michael'', etc., in this country.
  9. 2000 (w), ''The Last Samurai'', Miramax Books(2002), (ISBN), page 142:

  10. I thought that ideally it should be a name which could work whether he was serious and reserved or butch, a name like Stephen which could be Steve or David which could be Dave.
  11. (surname).

  12. (place), named after (w).

  13. (given name)