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Socrates englannista suomeksi

  1. Sokrates

  1. Sokrates

Socrates englanniksi

  1. (given name) of mostly historical use.

  2. A Classical Greek philosopher.

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  4. (archaic spelling of)

  5. 5th century, Paulinus Pellaeus, ''Eucharisticon Deo sub ephemeridis meae textu'' (ΕΥΧΑΡΙϹΤΗΤΙΚΌϹ ''Deo sub Ephemeridis meae Textu''). In: ''Ausonius with an English translation'' by Hugh G. Evelyn White. Vol. II. With the ''Eucharisticus of Paulinus Pellaeus'', 1921, p. 312f.

  6. Nec sero exacto primi mox tempore lustri dogmata Socratus et bellica plasmata Homeri erroresque legens cognoscere cogor Ulixis.
    : Full early, when the days of my first ''lustrum'' were well-nigh spent, I was made to con and learn the doctrines of ''Socrates'', Homer's warlike fantasies, and Ulysses' wanderings.