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Rus englannista suomeksi

  1. Kiovan Venäjä, Rus, Kiovan Rusj

  1. rusit (monikko)

  2. Rutenia

  3. Rusj

  4. Substantiivi

Rus englanniksi

  1. A people made up of Scandinavian warrior merchants who travelled Eastern European river-roads from the eighth century, and whose settlements around Novgorod, Kiev and the Volga and Dnieper gave rise to the Russian principalities. (defdate)

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  3. In 860 the Rus’ streamed southwards and laid siege to Constantinople itself.
  4. The medieval East Slavic state established by these same warrior merchants in the 9th century, whose capital was first in Novgorod and then in Kiev; Rus.

  5. Any of the medieval Slavic principalities ruled by this class, especially Kievan Rus.

  6. The nation of Russia, especially in a transcendent or romantic sense referring to the history and culture of the country.

  7. A person from Rus.

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  9. And if a Rus hits a Greek, or a Greek a Rus with a sword, a spear or any other weapon, he shall pay five litres of silver for his offence, in accordance with Rus law; and if he be unable (insolvent—''Author'') his property shall be sold for the best price it fetches, including the very clothes . . .
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  11. If a Varangian claimed money from a Rus, or a Rus from a Varangian, and the debtor refused to pay, the plaintiff, accompanied by twelve witnesses, . . .
  12. 1973, Donald W. Treadgold, ''The West in Russia and China: Religious and Secular Thought in Modern Times'', v 1 (Russia, 1472–1917), (ISBN), p xxxv:

  13. The Church of Kievan Rus knew men well-versed in Scripture and apparently other learning of the time, such as the Metropolitans Ioann II (d. 1089) and Klimetn Smoliatich (twelfth century). The former was Greek, and the latter a Rus.
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  15. Russian (gloss)

  16. Russian

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  19. Russian (male person)

  20. A Russian person (nationality)