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Rom englanniksi

  1. ROM

  1. (non-gloss definition) the Romani people from Eastern Europe.

  2. The Romani language.

  3. A member of the Romani people.

  4. A male member of the Romani people who is married and considered respectable amongst the family.

  5. Romani: of or pertaining to the Roma people.

  6. (place) which flows into the River (l).

  7. (surname)

  8. a Roma

  9. (syn)

  10. (place)

  11. (l) (member of the Roma people), Romani

  12. (l)

  13. The Italian government

  14. The See, Vatican

  15. The Roman empire

  16. etc. Constantinople, Byzantium

  17. Rom (member of the Roma people), Romani

  18. (hypo)

  19. (alt form): (place)

  20. Rome

  21. Romani

  22. ram (gl)

  23. (l) (gloss)