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  1. Patrick

Patrick englanniksi

  1. (given name)

  2. (RQ:Shakespeare Hamlet)

  3. 1993 Roddy Doyle: ''Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha'': page 138:

  4. - Are unusual names nice?
    - Yes.
    - Then why am I called Patrick?
    She laughed but only for a little bit. She smiled at me, I think to make sure that I knew she wasn't laughing at me.
    - Because your daddy's called Patrick, she said.
    I liked that, being called after my da.
    - There are five Patricks in our class, I said.
    - Is that right?
    - Patrick Clarke. That's me. Patrick O'Neill. Patrick Redmond. Patrick Genocci. Patrick Flynn.
    - That's a lot, she said. - It's a nice name. Very dignified.
    - Three of them are called Paddy, I told her. - One Pat and one Patrick.
  5. (surname).

  6. A placename

  7. (place), Commandant of the Native Police.

  8. (place).

  9. (ellipsis of)

  10. (given name)

  11. (given name), the English form of Patrice, quite popular in France