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  1. Noak, Nooa

  1. Nooa

Noah englanniksi

  1. A figure in Abrahamic religions, believed to have built an ark to save his family and members of each species of animal from the Flood|Great Flood.

  2. *(RQ:King James Version)

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  5. 1984 Jong|Erica Jong, ''Parachutes & Kisses'', (ISBN), page 354:

  6. Easy to account for those trends - but what of post-Vietnam America and its generation of little Noahs? Were we expecting a flood momentarily?
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  8. The 71st sura (chapter) of the Qur'an.

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  10. (clipping of); shark.

  11. 1998, Phillip Gwynne, ''Deadly Unna?'', unnumbered page,

  12. I pulled the line in. There was a head on the end. That′s all – just the fish′s head, the body had been bitten off.
    Then Team-man pulled in a head. So did the old man.
    ‘Noahs. That′s the end of that,’ said the old man. ‘Looks like we′re going anyway.’
  13. 2003, Kurt Blanksby, ''Fishing Guide to Western Australia'', Revised and updated 2010, page 38,

  14. Balloon fishing from the rock when the winds are correct can be a very productive way to target big mackerel and tuna, however the large number of sharks means that you will spend plenty of time battling unstoppable noahs between decent macks.
  15. 2006, Andrew Whitehead, ''Solomon Quest'', page 91,

  16. It looks like Jim and Rene are going ahead of us to chase away any big Noahs that might be lurking around.” Scott grinned to show that it was a joke and Jim waved to the group in acknowledgement.
    “What do you mean ‘Noahs’?” asked a hefty millionaire from Minneapolis.
    “Noah′s Arks,” one of the Australians answered for Scott. “Sharks.”
  17. Noah (gloss)

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  19. (given name), an English spelling of Noa, currently popular