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  1. Martin

  2. Mikael

  1. Martti

Martin englanniksi

  1. martin

  1. (given name) originally given in honor of a fourth century soldier-saint.

  2. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 6-1):Scene 2:

  3. Expect Saint Martin{{'s summer, halcyon days, / Since I have entered into these wars.
  4. 1767 Sterne|Laurence Sterne, ''Tristram Shandy'', Book IV ( Slawkenbergius's Tale ):

  5. Luther was not born in the year 1483, but in 84; and not on the 22nd day of October, but on the 10th of November, the eve of Martinmas day, from whence he had the name of Martin. - - - Now you see, brother Toby, he would say, looking up, "that christian names are not such indifferent things;" - Had Luther here been called by any other name but Martin, he would have been damned to all eternity - Not that I look upon Martin, he would add, as a good name - far from it - 'tis something better than a neutral, and but a little - yet little as it is, you see it was of some service to him.
  6. 1933 Farjeon|Eleanor Farjeon, ''Over the Garden Wall'', Faber and Faber, page 90 ("Boys' Names")

  7. What splendid names for boys there are! / There's Carol like a rolling car, / And Martin like a flying bird,/
  8. (quote-book)|title=One Good Turn|page=81|publisher=Black Swan|year_published=2007|isbn=9780552772440

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  11. (surname) for someone who lived near a mere.

  12. A placename, including:

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