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Martian englannista suomeksi

  1. marsilainen, Marsin

  2. marsilaiset

  1. marsilainen

  2. Substantiivi

Martian englanniksi

  1. Of or relating to the planet Mars, or its imagined inhabitants. (defdate)

  2. (quote-journal),(nb...)|month=July|year=1873|volume=XXVIII|issue=163|pages=96–97|pageurl=|oclc=561748243|passage=The direct heat of the sun, shining through so thin an atmosphere, must be considerable wherever the sun is at a sufficient elevation; and of course the very tenuity of the air renders vaporization so much the easier, for the boiling point (and consequently all temperatures of evaporation at given rates) would be correspondingly lowered. Accordingly, during the greater part of the Martian day, the hoar frost and whatever light snow might have fallen on the preceding evening would be completely dissolved away, and thus the ruddy earth or the greenish ice-masses of the so-called oceans would be revealed to the terrestral observer.

  3. (quote-journal)|location=Chicago, Ill.|publisher=Popular Mechanics Co.|month=September|year=1910|volume=14|issue=3|page=456|pageurl=|column=1|oclc=506031407|passage=Prof. (w), the eminent Martian astronomer, said in a recent interview in New York: "The Martian canals are not Panama canals. The word 'canals' you know, really means 'lines.' ..."

  4. (quote-journal)|location=New York, N.Y.|publisher=Experimenter Publishing Co.|month=October|year=1920|volume=2|issue=4|page=217|pageurl=|columns=2–3|oclc=637584429|passage=Not wishing to lose this great opportunity of being the first to receive Martian signals, we 'phoned to the manager to come over immediately and verify our "startling" discovery. ... A day later a lineman in the employ of a stock quotation ticker agency happened to be working on the roof. ... He suggested that we might possibly be troubled with induction from these wires, and that our lead-in would perhaps be better if it ran along the outside of the building. Troubled with induction! In truth, that was the very thing which we had mistaken for Martian signals.

  5. (quote-journal)|location=London|date=8 January 2004|passage=She Elise Muller claimed her astral body was transported to the planet, so she was able to draw detailed Martian landscapes and to speak and write its language.

  6. (quote-book)|year=2019|section=section 1.1.1 (Martian Meteorites)|page=4|pageurl=|isbn=978-0-12-804191-8|passage=Martian meteorites (Fig. 1.3) are pieces of Mars that have been blasted off the surface, hurtled through space, and delivered to Earth .... We know they are from Mars because the noble gases, carbon, and nitrogen measured in shock melt pockets in certain meteorites have the same relative elemental abundances and similar isotopic ratios as the Martian atmosphere—a unique fingerprint ....

  7. Pertaining to the astrological influence of the planet Mars; aggressive, bellicose. (defdate)

  8. (synonyms)

  9. (quote-book)|location=Chicago, Ill.|publisher=(w), publishers|year=1901|pages=83–84|pageurl=|oclc=8459738|passage=The majority of human beings born under the influence of Mars—the Martians (or "Martials")—are heavily built but physically strong. ... They are easily angered, and, for the time being, forget everything in the excess of their violence. The worst Martian type will commit murder before he knows it.

  10. Pertaining to battle or war; martial, military. (defdate)

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  12. A person under the astrological influence of the planet Mars.

  13. (quote-book)|location=Chicago, Ill.|publisher=(w), publishers|year=1901|pages=83–84|pageurl=|oclc=8459738|passage=The majority of human beings born under the influence of Mars—the Martians (or "Martials")—are heavily built but physically strong. ... A male Martian is generally a great favorite with the ladies and is apt to be rather quick and unscrupulous in his courtship methods. He is not a sentimental lover. A bad Martian is a loud, fatiguing talker and a braggard.

  14. An inhabitant of the planet Mars.

  15. (quote-journal),(nb...)|month=October|year=1877|volume=XXXVI|issue=214|page=424|pageurl=|oclc=561748243|passage=Thus she of the moons of Mars has a disc, always on this assumption be it remembered, equal to about a quarter of our moon's; and being illuminated by the sun, like the other moon, with a light varying from one-half to one-third that which he pours on the earth, it follows that the light she reflects to Martians, or would reflect to them if there were any such beings, varies from one-eighth to one-twelfth of that which we receive from the full moon.

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  19. (quote-book)'' and the Shaping of a Mexican Time|editors=Robert Brody and Charles Rossman|title=(w): A Critical View|series=Texas Pan American Series|location=Austin, Tx.|publisher=(w)|year=1982|page=128|pageurl=|isbn=978-0-292-71077-1|passage=However, despite a declared interest in Mexico's Indian past, he feels that his country's uneducated and mostly Indian citizens are like creatures of another species. To then, "we are like Martians," Javier says, "We don't speak as they do or think as they do … If we do see them, it's like the zoo … We are their enemies and they know it" ....

  20. (quote-journal)|date=24 August 2013|volume=408|issue=8850|passage=A Martian who landed in Britain in the past few weeks—assuming he managed to get a visa—would take it for a place that dislikes visitors. ... And yet, if he lingered, the Martian might find himself being asked how health care was organised on his planet, or how its retailers were coping with the internet.

  21. A hypothetical language spoken on Mars.

  22. (quote-journal)|location=London|date=8 January 2004|passage=Although impressed by Elise Muller as a person, Flournoy|Théodore Flournoy regarded her experiences as a marvel of psychology rather than spiritualism. One of his key findings was that, while Muller's Martian had a consistent 23 letter alphabet, grammar and syntax, it was in fact a twisted variant of French.

  23. *(quote-video game)|title=(w)|genre=fiction|Science Fiction|location=Redwood City|publisher=Electronic Arts|year=2017|platform=PC|scene=Tempest|oclc=1261299044|text=Suvi: Between the Remnant city, Meridian, and however the Scourge fits in... pardon my Martian, but it's all weird as shit.