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Mafia englannista suomeksi

  1. Mafia

  1. mafia

  2. Substantiivi

Mafia englanniksi

  1. Maffia

  2. maffia, mafia

  3. mob

  1. (senseid) The (l): any particular mafia, mentioned uniquely within the discussion's established or implicit context, usually and especially the Sicilian–Italian–Italian-American one (especially in American English) but occasionally others (e.g., the Russian one, the Japanese one).

  2. (syn)

  3. The international criminal organization of Sicilian origin operating in Italy and the States.

  4. Any other specific organized crime syndicate operating internationally in high-level crime; (non-gloss definition).

  5. (ux)

  6. A game modelling a conflict between an informed minority (the mafia) and an uninformed majority (the innocents). Each player is secretly assigned a role within one of these teams, and the innocents attempt to identify the mafia members before they are all "murdered".

  7. Mafia