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Jupiter englannista suomeksi

  1. Jupiter

  2. Juppiter

  1. Jupiter

  2. Juppiter

  3. Substantiivi

Jupiter englanniksi

  1. Best and Greatest, Jupiter Optimus Maximus

  2. Jupiter Fidius, Protector of Boundaries

  1. (senseid) The fifth and by far the largest planet in the System, a giant, represented by the symbol in astronomy. Jupiter is known for its Red Spot and many moons including the moons.

  2. (senseid) The King of the Gods, also called Jove. Equivalent to the Greek Zeus, Jupiter was one of the children of Saturn. As supreme god of the Roman pantheon, Jupiter was the god of thunder, lightning, and storms, and appropriately called the god of light and sky.

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  6. (senseid)(topics)Jupiter (Roman god)

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  11. (senseid) (C) Jupiter

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  16. (senseid)Jupiter (gloss)

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  18. (topics) Jupiter (planet)

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