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Irish englannista suomeksi

  1. Irlannin, irlantilainen, irkku-, pohjoisirlantilainen

  2. irlantilaiset

  3. irlantilainen viski

  4. iiri

  1. iiri

  2. irlantilainen (monikko) / irlantilaiset

  3. Substantiivi

  4. irlantilainen, irkku / irkku-

  5. iirinkielinen">iirinkielinen, iirin">iirin + genitive, irlanninkielinen">irlanninkielinen, irlannin">irlannin + genitive

Irish englanniksi

  1. The Gaelic language indigenous to Ireland, also known as Gaelic.

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  3. The Irish people.

  4. (quote-av)|(w)|2|4|episode=Infrastructure|network=HBO||America used to love dams... Yes, and we built those dams with ingenuity and brawn and, of course, piles and piles of dead Irish.

  5. (surname).

  6. A game of the tables family.

  7. Temper; anger, passion.

  8. (quote-book)|title=A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett|location=Nebraska|year_published=1987|page=65|passage=But her Irish was up too high to do any thing with her, and so I quit trying.

  9. (quote-book)|passage=Whenever he got his Irish up, Clancy lowered the boom.

  10. (quote-book)|year=1997|passage=The Priest is as fierce a fighter as I am when he gets his Irish up.

  11. Whiskey, or whisky, elaborated in Ireland.

  12. (RQ:Jerome Three Men)

  13. Pertaining to or originating from Ireland or the Irish people.

  14. 1992 April 26, of Jeeves and Wooster episodes|"Hot Off the Press" Jeeves and Wooster|''Jeeves and Wooster'', Series 3, Episode 5:

  15. ''Fink-Nottle|A. Fink-Nottle:'' But it's absolute balderdash, Bertie. I mean, listen to this: "Sure and begorrah, I don't know what's after being the matter with you, Michael." I mean, what earth is this "what's after being" stuff mean?''Wooster|B.W. Wooster:'' My dear old Gussie, that is how people think Irish people talk.
  16. Pertaining to the Irish language.

  17. nonsensical, daft or complex.

  18. (quote-book)

  19. the Goidelic language indigenous to Ireland, also known as Irish Gaelic

  20. an Irishman or Irishwoman

  21. pertaining to or originating from Ireland or the (l) people

  22. pertaining to the Irish language

  23. (given name)

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