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G englannista suomeksi

  1. G

  2. dGMP

  1. Substantiivi

G englanniksi

  1. g

  2. gm

  1. The seventh letter of the script|basic modern Latin alphabet.

  2. giga-.

  3. gauss.

  4. glycine, a natural acid.

  5. Any of the nucleotides guanodine, nucleoside guanosine, or nucleobase guanine, which are components of DNA.

  6. The constant in the formula ''F'' = ''Gm''1''m''2/''r''2; sometimes called "big G" to distinguish from ''g'' for the acceleration of gravity.

  7. (Latn-def)

  8. (RQ:Orwell Animal Farm)

  9. On several occasions, indeed, he did learn E, F, G, H, but by the time he knew them, it was always discovered that he had forgotten A, B, C, and D.
  10. Games (qualifier).

  11. Green.

  12. General (gloss).

  13. Goals (qualifier).

  14. Ground floor (of a building).

  15. A galaxy.

  16. gravity

  17. Grand (gloss).

  18. *(quote-song)

  19. (abbreviation of)

  20. The academic grade that comes next below F.

  21. A gangster, gangsta.

  22. Abbreviation for spending|Government Spending.

  23. (alternative case form of) (gloss).

  24. The fourteenth letter in the Afar alphabet.

  25. gigabyte

  26. The seventh letter of the Dutch alphabet.

  27. The seventh letter of the German alphabet.

  28. G, gravity

  29. cockroach

  30. (ja-usex)

  31. (initialism of)

  32. The 8th letter of the alphabet. Preceded by F and followed by H.

  33. The thirteenth letter of the Somali alphabet, which follows Arabic abjad order. It is preceded by C and followed by F.

  34. The seventh letter of the Spanish alphabet.

  35. (Latn-def) ''It is preceded by (l) and followed by (l).''