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Eusebius englannista suomeksi

  1. Eusebius

  1. Substantiivi

Eusebius englanniksi

  1. (given name)

  2. One who is comparable to (w); an ecclesiastic historian.

  3. 1829, Taylor (Radical)|Robert Taylor, ''The Diegesis; Being a Discovery of the Origin, Evidences, and Early History of Christianity'', page (gbooks):

  4. (quote)
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  6. (quote) (lang) (lang) (lang)
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  8. A thorough ecclesiastic history.

  9. 1957, James Stevenson (editor), ''A New Eusebius: Documents illustrative of the history of the Church to A.D. 337'', for Promoting Christian Knowledge|SPCK, main title

  10. a Latin rhetorician