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Emma englanniksi

  1. (given name).

  2. 1854 Matthew Hall: ''The Queens Before the Conquest'': page 259-260:

  3. Both Saxon and Norman chroniclers unite in representing the youthful Queen Emma as in a peculiar degree gifted with elegance and beauty; so that many flattering epithets had been bestowed on her - as "the Pearl," "the Flower," or "the Fair Maid" of Normandy.
  4. 1917 Carl Van Vechten: ''Interpreters and Interpretations. ''A.A.Knopf,1917. page 92:

  5. Emma Calvé...since ''Madame Bovary'' the name Emma suggests a solid ''bourgeois'' foundation, a country family...Emma Eames, a chilly name...a wind from the East.
  6. 1980 Barbara Pym: ''A Few Green Leaves'' (ISBN) page 8:

  7. The cottage now belonged to Emma's mother Beatrix, who was a tutor in English literature at a women's college, specialising in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century novel. This may have accounted for Emma's Christian name, for it had seemed to Beatrix unfair to call her daughter Emily, a name associated with her grandmother's servants rather than the author of ''The Wuthering Heights'', so Emma had been chosen, perhaps with the hope that some of the qualities possessed by the heroine of the novel might be perpetuated.
  8. (given name)

  9. 1929 Väinö Siikaniemi/folk melody, ''(kappale)|Emma'' (song), in ''Suuri Toivelaulukirja'', F-Kustannus Oy (2003), (ISBN), page 210:

  10. Oi muistatkos, Emma, sen kuutamoillan,
    kun yhdessä tansseista kuljettiin?
    Sinä sanasi annoit ja valasi vannoit
    ja lupasit olla mun omani.
    Oi Emma, Emma, oi Emma, Emma,
    kun lupasit olla mun omani.
  11. 1964 Helakisa|Kaarina Helakisa, ''Kaarina Helakisan satukirja'', WSOY, page 10:

  12. ―Kuulepa lintu, sinun nimesi olkoon Emma, se on totta vieköön iloinen ja hupsu nimi, poika sanoi.
  13. 1985 Siekkinen|Keijo Siekkinen, ''Äidin hauta'', Gummerus, (ISBN), page 9:

  14. Minulla on sana, josta pidän erityisen paljon, vaikka se ei ole paljon minkään näköinen, se on pulska niin kuin sinä ennen kuin rupesit laihtumaan. Sen sanan nimi on semmoinen. Minä laitan sen sinnekin minne se ei käy. Vaikka se on pulska niin se on kevyt. Se on niin kuin Emma. Emmalle me löydettiin nimi Messukylän vanhalta hautausmaalta.
  15. 1857 (w), ''Madame Bovary: Part II, Chapter III:'' (translation by Eleanor Marx-Aveling)

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